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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  August 14, 2017 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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of people gathered outside the white house last night to denounce hate and violence and to show their support for the people of charlottesville. >> from the white house, demonstrators marched down pennsylvania avenue past the trump international hotel. president trump has received a lot of criticism for not calling out hate groups by name in his remarks following the violence. >> in washington state, protesters showered riot police with silly string. hundreds of people took to the streets in seattle in dueling rallies. the police created a barricade to keep the groups separated and prevent any violence. >> in california, from los angeles to san diego, people held candlelight vigils and marched to show solidarity with charlovi
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peaceful. >> as we reported, one woman died during the violence in charlottesvil charlottesville. >> the man accused of ramming his car into the group of counter protesters is making a first court appearance. this video may be disturbing. 21-year-old alex auto fields is charged with second degree murder. heather heyer died and 19 others injured. the counter protesters were demonstrating against the alt right and anti- -- he was attending the rally and carrying a white supremacist shield. ♪ >> this morning, there are candles and flowers lining the streets where that violent, deadly crashed happened. people who called this small town home will try to get back to normal after the chaos and carnage. >> derrick ward joins us live from charlottesville now with more on what is happening there this morning.
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>> reporter: good morning again. we're at 4th and water street in charlottesville. you know, this is sort of ground zero for the angst and grief that surrounds that incident that happened saturday. for most this was a crime scene. as soon as the police began or finished thae documentation of this scene, it became more of a horror. flowers, balloons, pictures and messages written into the sidewalk on the street with chalk. sort of sums up the mood here in the town of charlottesville in the wake of that incident. of course, when that car plowed into that crowd of counterprotesters killing one woman and injuring dozens. now, since then folks have been coming here with messages and sometimes just sto stand and pray and contemplate. wee saw three or four people show up minutes ago, they stood, contemplatedly and
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remain this way. this is the first weekday since this happened. eventually, they have to open up the street. the town officials are giving the townspeople time to contemplate and time to reflect on what has happened here and how to move forward. >> derrick, i know the city of charlottesville has been trying to keep people aware and stay on top of the events. anything they plan to do long-term to heal from this weekend? >> reporter: it's probably going to be up to a clergy and groups and other things, other entities here that seem to be taking the lead in helping the city heal. it's kind of unknown at this point. i think right now people are focusing on this. it's like a loss in the family, grieving. it's a process and a time period for that. we seem to be right at the beginning of that right now. >> derrick ward live in
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a bit. thanks. people are calling out anyone who participated in saturday's rally. >> angie goff has more at the live desk. >> aaron, eun, we're watching this. a lot of photos coming out of charlottesville, of course. someone now identifying the people who were there. the people that were part of that rally, the people carrying the torches. now we know in person in particular has lost his job. his name is cole white of california. he marched with the white nationalists that night. they're i.d.'ing him and he lost his job as a result and his company does not support the actions of white nationalists. that account has posted several names of the alt right rally to 250,000 of its followers. that's the latest from the live desk. act
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house sunday to show support for charlottesville and protest violence. they marched past the president's international hotel downtown and along the way many faulted the president for not explicitly denouncing white supremacists. the overall message is unity. >> we're moving and once you start that ball rolling. it's not going to stop. it's going to get us going. marches ended at a statue near d.c. police headquarters. they're calling on the national park service to bring it down. last knight's demonstration ended peacefully. so far, no reports of any arrests. we are learning more about the victim in that deadly crash in charlottesville. heather heyer worked as a paralegal. her friends say she wasn't necessarily an activist but felt strongly about certain issues. heyer's mother struggling to
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>> i'm really not angry. i'm very sad. i'm very, very sad. but i can't be angry because angry will make me hate and hate only leads to more hate. there's just no point to that. >> heyer's mother hopes her daughter's death is able to serve a greater purpose. >> we're also learning more about the two virginia state troopers who died over the weekend. their helicopter crashed near charlottesville as they were patrolling the rally. the pilot was lieutenant jay cullen. he had just been promoted to aviation unit commander this year and trooper pilot brook baits would have celebrated his 41st birthday on sunday. he just transferred into the aviation unit in july. the faa and ntsb are investigating what happened. we'll give you another live look from charlottesville this morning. there are people gathered there bit vigil. we have several crews stationed there working to get every a
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we'll check in again with derrick ward in a bit. a reminder, you can always find updates on the nbc washington app when you're away from your tv. time right now is 4:37. we do want another check of weather and traffic. >> we'll get to wtop's jack taylor in for melissa mollet in a moment. but first, we start with meteorologist chuck bell. the change when we walk outside this morning. >> welcome back from vacation. sheena taking another day off. i have to look at her vacation schedule. i'm going to give her payback next week. we have a dry start this morning. 65, 67 in fairfax city. 64 in sterling park this morning. gorgeous prince george's county, temperatures in the mid to upper 60s. temperatures in the low 60s down towards la plata at 62 degrees. if you're going to the pool, i have that forecast in a bit. if you go to the pool
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leave by 2:00, 3:00 as rain chances increase deeper into your afternoon plan. jack, taylor, no cool day for you. >> 43 southbound hit a work zone. still working at king street. the ramp closed as the paving will cure before the rush hour. should be cleared by about 6:00 i believe. there is work on river road west. it will alternate one direction at a time. won't cause a delay this early thankfully. route 100, got a paving project with the right lane getting by in each direction. aaron, eun, back to you. >> thank you. she was doing something a lot of teens her age love to do. driving. now friends and family are saying goodbye after a stray bullet hit her car. what they plan to do today to honor the life of an area teen. he knew he was running towards danger. he just thought it was a
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i'm angie goff here at the live desk. find out more about what happened during a horrific attack. we received this brand new video in wre
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killed overnight. the gunmen raided a restaurant and started shooting up the place. in addition to the 17 people who we know died, eight others are recovering right now. less than two years ago, extremists killed 30 people. not clear who is behind the new attack. that's the latest from the live desk. thank you, angie. if you have errands to run today, the earlier the better. >> absolutely right. rain chances creeping up with time during the course of the day today and of course, on a monday morning, the most important thing is what's the weekend going to be like? the early lean on the coming weekend both saturday and sunday. a chance for rain to get your saturday started. i think if you're doing something outside this weekend, the weather will be cooperative. the ten-day forecast coming up in ten minutes. we continue our coverage from charlottesville where the man accused of ramming his car to a crowd of people heads to court.
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your time is 4:45 now. back to our coverage of the violence in charlottesville. the man who organized saturday's white nationalist rally was punched in the face yesterday. you can see in the video, he was trying to address the media when people started boo'ing and charging at him. he tried to run through the bushes to get away and eventually had to be escorted by police in riot gear. saturday's violence stirred emotions across the country. >> the story is front and center in the new york press. the new york post has a picture of heather heyer. the woman who died saturday. the new york daily news takes a different approach. it goes after president trump and his response to tu
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the president has received. >> democrats and republicans criticizing him for not singling out while nationalists for the violence. edward lawrence is live on capitol hill. the president did condemn the violence, but how is the white house dealing with the backlash now? >> reporter: it is a growing backlash, eun. the president was a little ambiguous according to many. critics saying he's more specific than when he condemned the violence -- surrogates fort president and officials, appointees are saying that the administration does not support the nationalist group. ivanka, his daughter, came out harshly and says there's no place in society for neoneo-naz white supremacists and melania saying they condemn the action saying there needs to be communication without violence. p
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around him tried to clarify his remarks. >> we saw quite a bit of that, edward. do we expect the president might have more to say today? >> he may. he is going to sign a memorandum starting an investigation into some chinese trade practices. there may be some comments that he makes to try to clarify. it's certain that the people around the president are coming out more harshly than the president did on the weekend. we may hear something from him later on. >> edward lawrence on capitol hill. thank you. vice president mike pence defended the president's response but went further in singling out white nationalists for the violence. >> we have no tolerance for hate and violence from white supremacists, neo-nazis or the kkk. these dangerous fringe groups have no place in american public life and we condemn them in the
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>> the vice president, who is touring latin american countries, accused the media of being more concerned with attacking president trump's response than on condemning the violence. a vigil is planned this morning for a college-bound teen killed in a shooting. jamari sit ner was driving through the brentwood neighborhood of d.c. when she was shot. she died on saturday. she was not the intended target here. philip mcdaniel has within arrested and charged. the police are looking for two others who drove off in a gold honda cord with new jersey plates. a man on the fbi's most wanted list is no longer on the run. authorities arrested him friday in woodbridge. gomez was wanted for the murder of a man six years ago in new jersey. the fbi says gomez murdered that man for socializing with a rival gang member. the jury convicted a second man in connection with this murder. a man is charged with bi
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to death. d.c. police found ann cook suffering from multiple stab wounds inside her northeast apartment saturday night. she died at the hospital. police arrested her son. 51-year-old derek mormon cook yesterday. they'll miss seeing her walk around the neighborhood, her neighbors said. >> i used to laugh at her and say, how do you get into those legs and she would say, they're going to come as long as i can walk. >> neighbors say ann cook lived in that neighborhood for more than 40 years. no word yet on a motive. it is 4:49 right now. questions after a d.c. firefighter responded to a call ended up being the victim. this happened in broad daylight yesterday. a spokesperson for the fire department says four or five people at that home assaulted the firefighter. we're told he has mostly cuts and scrapes. other units were called to the scene and took theur
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rain is to blame for major damage at george washington's mt. vernon estate in northern virginia. that's according to our news partners at wtop. it was hit by more than 5.5 inches of rain in one hour on friday. vernon's ceo says 100 feet of a brick wall fell over and a pathway between the mansion and washington's tomb was washed out. no historical buildings were damaged. that's a lot of rain. >> boy, it really -- a ton of it over the last couple of days and last week. >> friday evening, an ef-0 tornado in fauquier county, northern virginia. a lot of big punch from mother nature the last couple of weeks. quieter weather this week if you have any interests in finding out. it's not going to be dry. that's for sure today. but it will be a drier week in general than we've been seeing around here. quite the rainy pattern across the region for the last couple of weeks. so far here just f
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inches of rain at national airport. that's double the amount in the last month. with all the cloud and the rain chances, it's been 1.5 degrees cooler than average for the first half of august. haven't had a 90-degree day since august 4th. almost ten days in a row. that may be changing later in the week as we tend to dry out, lower the rain chances midweek and that tends to allow the temperatures to rise a bit. for today, though, a hit and miss shower later in the afternoon. that's tropical storm gert off the atlantic seaboard. not going to have any influence on our weather. this cluster of showers down here across southern virginia, that may be able to live long enough later on in the day. planning out the day today, mid-60s this morning, mid-70s by coffee break time. mostly into the low and the mid-80s for a lucky few. rain chances not much of a threat before lun. . once you're past 1:00 or 2:00 in the afternoon, best rain chances in the
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i can't guarantee they'll migrate into the d.c. metro area. have your umbrella ready to go. a 30% chance for rain but higher rain chances the farther north and west you go. about 30% in town. probably more like 40 or 50% chance in the shenandoah today. tomorrow, much like today, rain chances lower. as a result, temperatures lower. that trend will continue later into the week. mid-80s today and tomorrow. most areas back up to 90 or 91 degrees for thursday and friday. there will be a chance for storms late friday into early saturday. most of this coming weekend looks like it will stay dry. good morning, jack taylor. >> chuck, thank you. good morning. we'll start off in the beltway where everything is nice and green as we start things off this morning. nothing to worry about if you're headed out the door. good news. work in bethesda along river road. that activity has cleared.
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the work zone. better news in howard county. north of route 100, at one point the work zone was getting by in each direction. it's a nice, quiet start as we head out for a monday morning. jack, thank you. parking became a little easier for certain drivers in our area. i'll tell you where changes go into effect today. we're helping you get ready for school. what you need to know to do a little tax-free shopping this week. harper hits the bag and goes down clutching. sniefrmt a m aj
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z2fwbz z16fz y2fwby y16fy
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he flew the final combat mission in world war ii. yesterday, captain jerry yellen honored his wing man who never made it home. yellen laid a wreath at the world war ii memorial. we apologize for the incorrect video here. his plane disappeared while he was escaping enemy aircraft in august of 1945. girl scouts from the sudden service program were also on hand. the scouts were chosen to take part in similar high-profile
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events. yesterday's wreath laying coincided with -- to honor america's greatest generation. 4:57 now. get ready to pay up if you plan to park in alexandria. metered parking going into effect at the union station parking lot on callahan drive. it will have them park longer than the limit. the meters are $2.50 an hour or the daily maximum of $15. in news for your health, if you feel stressed out at work, join the club. new research from the rand corporation say people feel physically and emotionally taxed. one in four people say they don't have enough time to do their job. half worked during their free time. more than half of employees say their boss is supportive and they have very good friends at work. >> that's important, right? >> makes it easier, for sure. the way you sleep physically, the way you sleep may reveal how smart you are. a study by an
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nonprofit, people who went to college and grad school were less likely to sleep in the fetal position. that's the most common position among americans. they're described as tough on the outside and sensitive at heart. there isn't a best way to sleep. it's different for everybody. the fetal position is not good for the neck and back. but if you're pregnant -- >> have a tough day at work. shoppers rejoice. it's tax-free week in maryland. >> that means you won't have to pay sales tax on clothes, shoes and certain school supplies. it's going on until this saturday. only certain items are exempt from the 6% sales tax, including clothes and shoes. $100 or less. you're exempt on the first $40 of that tax and book bags. incredible video to show you from coastal region of mexico. tens of thousands
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have been crawling along a protected beach to lay eggs. look at that. anywhere from 100,000 to 200,000 marine turtles are expected to lay millions of eggs here. it's part of their annual migration that started this month and will go through next month. marine turtles are still vulnerable because only 10% of the eggs will hatch. good luck out there. 10% to survive. >> see what happens. maybe we boent. who knows? news 4 continues at 5:00 a.m. now at 5:00 a.m., new protests coast to coast. the nationwide response to the violence in charlottesville and the new calls for action. >> we need each
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>> a show of unity brings thousands together. how virginia is now in the center of the controversy. remembering the victim. how a mother will always remember her daughter and the message she hopes others will learn from it. good morning everybody. i'm aaron gilchrist. i'm eun yang. we'll get to the live coverage in charlottesville in a moment. first, we want to get you ready for the start of your workweek. >> wtop's jack taylor is watching our commute. but first chuck bell is outside and will tell us how soon the rain will be back. >> the rain chances creep upwards once you get past 12:00 or 1:00. if you have something to do outside, better to do it early than late. rain chances will be increasing with time. comfortable enough start. here's the leading edge of the rain showers. south of roanoke. a lot of moisture in the atmosphere. you'll notice when you walk outside this morning, there's a little bit on the humid si.


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